REVIEWED : Novemner 1997


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"The name "Ardisson" comes from Victor Ardisson, a French necrophiliac who lived around the turn of the century and was known as the "Vampire of Muy". I was born in Oxford, but now live in Yokohama, Japan. I've been working on electronic music for the past couple of years, and have found that this is my favourite medium to express my ideas. ", speaks Mr Charles Matthews - creator of these sensibly compiled sound collage. Sound materials in these works are put together in elegant balance, that one might hear almost silence and serenity even in very rough and noisy part of the music. He says his work has vampyric, immortal themes (thus the name "Ardisson"), but the work, to us, sounds like a hum of voices of mortal angels (or should we say fallen angels?)....

Seventh Heaven Music - November 24, 1997

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