REVIEWED: October1997


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the BellRays

- punk? band with a soul singer-

You'll find it difficult to classify The BellRays - L.A based rock band - properly. The band plays very straight and hard sound - somewhere between the who and 80/90's punk bands or garage punks (very tight rithm - particulary drums - shows the band, with no-doubt, belongs to today). But, that's not all, that makes this band very interesting. Singer, Lisa, adds another peculiar quality - flavor of Soul music, "flavor" might not be a right word, since her song IS Soul - to the sound. If Aretha Franklin had been with the who or Ramones or Buzzcocks or..... Well, we shoud stop talking about refferences. Their sound is energetic, straight, rough and tight, vocal is wonderfully soulful. Why talk, while we can listen?

* sound clip is from their demo tape - "LET IT BLAST!"

seventh heaven music - October, 1997

write to Lisa.